Tuesday, June 14, 2005

This Just In! Boo Update

Visited Boo at the vet last night--and I was so amazed! He was back to being Happy Boo, jumping up and keeping Jun Jun, the vet's assistant, busy untangling his IV line.

So far, he still has leptospirosis but his kidneys are starting to function (he now pees!). He still has UTI, but his pnemonia and fever are gone. His eyes are still pus-y, but he's bright-eyed again. The vet is optimistic, but has warned me about the symptoms of distemper, which Boo also has. Sometimes dogs recover and seem great for about three days, before they go back into another decline. So I'm keeping faith that God will see Boo through total wellness.

Boo needs his meds administered via IV, so we'll be keeping him at the vet's another week or so. We won't be able to give him the round-the-clock attention he needs at the moment, so am so glad The Hubby agreed to keep him at the vet's, despite the expense.

Now we just have to raise funds for the Save The Boo Foundation. But again, I trust that God will keep providing.

I'm just so happy that Boo is getting better.


randee said...

"He was back to being Happy Boo, jumping up and keeping Jun Jun, the vet's assistant, busy untangling his IV line."

--cuz, i'm happy to hear boo is back to normal =) but at the same time, it makes me queasy to imagine boo tangled in his IV line 8-\

mai said...

Glad to hear Boo is better. Thats a double whammy, lepto and distemper. But it's the first days that really take their toll, so if Boo got through them than things are definitely looking up.

Yup, best bet is to keep him with the vet on IV, its really important that his strength is maintained.

We give our pets Liv52 when their livers are bad. Baka you want to look it up, we had a cat that was poisoned and her liver was really bad (almost died)but she got better with the medicine.

Take care

Mik said...

Hi! Bloghopped by way of Mai's blog.
One of our dogs got leptospirosis two years back and all the vets were not very hopeful. And rightly so. Douglas wasn't eating and he greatly resented the fact that we had to leave him at the vet's. He would not look at us when we would come visit.
But he rallied, still would not eat though. The vets let us bring him home because we all thought he might like being back at home with all his favorite things.
WHen he saw the car and that we were carrying him to it, he peed in excitement. When we got home, he insisted on jumping off the back of the pick-up truck.
To entice him to eat, we hand-fed him his favorite food.
He is now fat and back to his old tricks, running around the house. :)
Hope your Boo recovers and goes home soon!

Mik said...

LOL just looked at the other links in your blog --you're rheea pala from w@w hehe... i'm mik (like you can't tell haha)