Sunday, June 05, 2005

Show Me the Money!

Money and I have always had a pretty laid-back relationship. I'm happy to see it when it's there, I miss it when it's gone, I spend time looking for it, but I don't think I'm obsessed with it. And based on the length of time money spends with me, I guess you can say it isn't too enamored with me either. The Hubby, on the other hand, has a dictatorship going on with money--it does what he tells it to do. Well, most of the time anyway. I guess money's like that. It has the tendency to take over, unless you keep it in control (I know some people like that).

There are different schools of thought when it comes to married-life money. Some believe that the couple should divide the expenses, and each takes care of his or her particular set of bills. Some believe that you should pool together some of the money, and keep some for yourself. Some believe that only one person should handle the money, and should give the spouse an allowance. The Hubby and I sort of combined all. We pool our money theoretically, but keep it in the account that is more practical. We give each other allowances, depending who has money in their wallet at the moment. Admittedly, that's usually The Hubby these days.

This is major adjustment for me, making money that isn't mine alone. Even my regular tithing is already a joint venture. But when The Hubby is worrying about things like making the rent, car payments and insurance premiums, how can you possibly justify Single-Girl-Days essentials like the monthly P500 magazine fix, P300 manicure/pedicure, P600 full body wax (which is a definite bargain at that price) or the CPK-salad-as-a-reward-for-buying-only-one-book?

But for all the worry about how to manage it, how to make it, how to spend it and how to save it, the funny thing is, money isn't really ours. Like the rest of the stuff in our lives, it's just something that God owns and lets us watch over while we're here. It's just a question of how well we manage it. Managing it well is a sign of obedience and respect to the one who provides.

And if money management was a test from God, at this point I'd barely pass it. Maybe that's why he gave me The Hubby. So I could learn a thing or two or three about responsible moneyhood. Much as I hate doing the budget or thinking beyond this week, this payday or this bill, it's necessary. It's discipline. And that's something I could always use more of.

So show me the money, Lord. And I'll show you someone who tries hard to walk in your ways.

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Queen Reg the Dancing Bitch said...

how are you ree??? i miss you and i haven't seen you yet since i returned last holy week! you better make this life with The Hubby work! or else! i have no one to pattern my future after!!! hahaha! i'll be updating myself on your life with The Hubby! GOD ROCKS!!!