Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some Weird Advice

Yesterday, as I was waiting for my train, I started reading those TV-type ads at the station. The flat screen monitor ones with soundless MTVs, supposed ETA of the next train, and of course the ads.

These TVs also had scrolling tips, to give more value to the bored commuters, I suppose. Yesterday's set of tips was for better hair. And this is Tip#2:

When going shopping or running errands, take some time to stand outside nearby salons.

Um. OK. That makes perfect sense. Will try that some time soon.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This Really COULD Happen To You

Yesterday, Raine was taking a nap and The Hubby texted to say that he was back from the grocery. So I went out to open the gate. Chloe, our grumpy old wonder dog, had peed on the driveway, so I started hosing it down as The Hubby parked our SUV in the garage. Next thing I knew, there was a barefoot baby next to me, toes wiggling in the puddle of water, gleefully grinning at me.

My heart stopped beating for a moment. The Hubby and I did not see her come out of the house.

I've read about the rise of young children's accidental deaths caused by SUVs. They said that as SUVs get bigger, the visibility--of the ground and those blind spots, I suppose--goes down. The drivers just don't see the kids--toddlers mostly--and they get backed up on or hit, usually in their own garages or driveways. Musician Steve Curtis Chapman's daughter, Maria, died because of this. But I was thinking, hey that happens only in the States. It wouldn't really happen here. And not to us.

Wake up call! I am so thankful that nothing happened to Raine. I realize that we have to be more vigilant, more conscious of where she is and what she's doing. While I am a staunch believer in independence, I have to temper it with caution, with prudence.

Thank you, Lord, for watching over Raine.