Monday, June 06, 2005

My Sick Boo

The Boo is sick.

He isn't his usual lively self. He doesn't want to eat. When you call him, instead of bounding over as he usually does, he just slowly wags his tail from wherever he happens to be lying down. Or if he will stand, it's just to change sleeping positions. I tried giving him sugar water, but he'd only lick it from my finger, and not from the bowl (and Boodie loves sugar--or any food for that matter). Chloe swiped his favorite bone from him and he just gave her a sad look.

That's the most heart-wrenching thing. The Boo is the happiest dog I know. He's joy in doggie form. And when Boo is a Sad Boo, then something must be wrong. The Hubby says he may just lack sleep, since last night was a horrible downpour. And Boo can't sleep much when it's raining hard.

We'll see if he has any improvements today. If not, will take him to the vet tomorrow.

I need to find a way to help Boo during the rainy season. This isn't good.


randee said...

does Boo still get to sleep indoors?

Ree said...

He only gets to sleep inside when there are thunderstorms, or lightning. And only when we're downstairs. Otherwise, he has to be outside. The vet is with him now (home service! I love this village). Really need a better solution. He has fever now. But the vet said Boo has the cleanest teeth he has ever seen!

mai said...

I hope Boo is feeling better now. Poor guy, please pet him for me :D

Your post below about money made me think quite a bit ha, I never really saw things that way.