Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ode to a Faucet

Raine's second absolute favorite thing in the world are faucets. Yup. Faucets. Source of her absolute favorite thing in the world: running water.

When she takes a bath in her tub, she reaches up to the faucet reverently. "Rrrrrrawwwwr," she says softly. "Babababababa mmmmmmaaa. Wwwwrooak." Then as her passion grows, she gets more effusive with her praise. "Yaaaaaaaa! Hakhrrrrkrrrrk! Eeeeeeeyaaaaahaaahaah!"

Finally, she gives the faucet a loving pat and pays it the ultimate compliment. "Tttthhhh," she says. "Thhhhh."

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Faith and Fortune(r)

Got a new car last Saturday; a Toyota Fortuner. The Hubby and I still can't believe that we have it; can't believe that we could afford it. But with God's abundant provisions, we have a huge SUV looming in our now-tight garage.

I didn't really think we needed a new car. The Altis was serving us perfectly well, though it was a tad beat up. But Rose, The Hubby's sister, wanted to buy it. But I was still resistant. I ran through our budget several times, coming up with scenarios from living it large to super tipid. I didn't agree that we could afford the monthly payments. I kept telling The Hubby that we would be living beyond our means; that the cash flow glitches would have us both stressed out; what would happen if something happened in the next six years; and so on. Finally, in exasperation, The Hubby told me, "You're thinking like you aren't a child of God!"

And that shut me up and got me thinking. I mean I have faith in God, that he will provide our daily needs. But what I need to work on is my faith that God also provides our wants (not to mean that we get everything we want). Like an indulgent father, he takes joy in giving us the unexpected, the non-essential, pleasurable things. Now that I have Raine, I am beginning to get an inkling of this, but still, I struggled with thoughts on whether or not The Hubby had great faith or suicidal faith.

But God's favor was on us. We were given a great financing deal; even the Toyota agent was amazed by the near-ridiculous payment scheme approved for us. Processing of the papers went smoothly. In less than a week since we decided to make the purchase, we got the Fortuner. And we realized that The Hubby's nightmares--jumping up and down to close the back door; not being able to reach the gas pedals; not being able to see out of the windshield--were unfounded.

The Fortuner drives like a dream, according to The Hubby (he won't even let me attempt to drive it!). And Raine gets her own window! More space for more people! Road trips! We actually went to Tagaytay to attend a friend's wedding (and we missed half the ceremony :() right after we picked up the car. When we arrived home near midnight, The Hubby still found the energy to vacuum and house down the car. Hope the enthusiasm lasts!

But back to faith. I'm glad that The Hubby has faith enough for both of us. I need to work on mine. As that father in Mark 9 said, I believe. Lord, help me overcome my disbelief.