Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Boo Updates

Couldn't wait till tomorrow. I called the vet and asked him to come over and check on The Boo (more on the vet later). Boo was running a slight fever, but otherwise seemed fine. The vet analyzed some of his crap and discovered that The Boo had hookworms. Ugh. Both Chloe and The Boo got deworming meds, which Boo threw up 30 minutes later. The vet had to come back and give another dose. If Boo isn't eating by tomorrow, he'll have to be hooked up to an IV.

So far, Boo refuses to eat. Or drink. The Hubby and I tried everything--bones, meat, vegetables, sugar, toyo, cake--but Boo refuses to even smell the food. Had to give him some-sugar-and-salt water via syringe. Not good at all.

There are two vets in the village. One established one who comes pretty well-recommended by my old vet in Pasay, and this new guy who just out up his clinic three months ago (but he's been in practice for the past 10 years). Deciding factors were 1) the new guy does home service for free; and 2) the new guy is cheaper. I'm glad I called the the new vet.

He seems really nice, and concerned with the dogs. He's got a great bedside manner, so to speak. And for all that he did, he charged me a reasonable amount. Plus when he came back to give Boo another dose, he just charged me the cost of the dope. He also quoted extremely reasonable grooming rates. But will reserve final judgement till The Boo gets better.

And I pray that Boo gets better now. Aside from the added (and unplanned!) expense, I hate seeing The Boo so un-Boo-like.

Boo, please get better!


mai said...

Hi Rheea,
My cat got worms din and it's taking quite a lot of deworming sessions to get the evil worms out. Sugar water is good nga, and also maybe some Karo Syrup if you have it :) Best nga to hook him up to an IV if he doesn't eat pa. Hope Boo gets better na.

Mik said...

WHen our dog Douglas got sick with lepto and lost his appetite, we got it back with liver and fish heads.
Don't overdo the liver though :)