Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Hot Momma's Workout

While at the pediatrician's clinic last Saturday (Raine's growth is apparently self-regulating already--she gained only 0.4kg from last checkup, but her over all weight and length is 17lbs and 24in, so still good) I decided to weigh myself. My pre-pregnancy clothes were starting to fit, and I felt thinner than I did before I got preggy, so I figured I had maybe 10lbs more to lose. To my horror, I still weighed 138lbs! Where is all that weight hiding? Or am I looking at myself through make-yourself-thinner glasses? Could the milk in the boobs and the smooshy marshmallow belly really weigh that much? I was flabbergasted. Or maybe flab-coated.

I suppose I should take it as a challenge, losing that weight and getting back into bikini-clad beach goddess/hot momma shape. It's somewhat difficult, since being a work-at-home-mom with no nanny and no fulltime help, I don't really have time for the gym (not that I'd really go anyway; I'm a bum). But with some creativity, I've found ways to work some exercise into my days with Raine.

Walking. This is one of the best ways to burn some calories. I strap Raine into her stroller and we go around the village. Since I'm from Baguio (where we walk everywhere), and I love looking at other people's houses (must have been an architect in a previous life, or a member of the akyat bahay gang), this is one of my favorite activities. Plus it keeps cabin fever at bay. There are different groups walking babies in the afternoon as well, sort of yaya cliques (I think I'm the only non-yaya who takes the baby out) hanging out in the park, at the corner of Montreal and Monterey, and by the Jewish part of town. Some walk their dogs.

Raine and I have racked up some pretty good mileage on our walks. We go for at least 30 minutes, but usually take an hour or so. My sister Rix taught me an efficient way to burn more calories in less time. You'll need a stop watch for this, though. First, walk briskly for two minutes. Then walk at a normal pace for the next two minutes. Then brisk for another two, normal for another two. Just keep doing this for 20 minutes. I forgot to ask why it burns more, but since she's a Sports Science major and licensed fitness instructor, I'll take her word for it.

Superman. Got this from Rix as well. I do this while Raine's doing her tummy time. I get on my tummy too, arms stretched before me, legs behind me, chin down. Then I alternately lift opposite arms and legs. Three sets of 15 pairs should do it (I started from 10 pairs). This works the lower back--good thing for carrying the baby!

Lifts. You need a cooperative baby for this one. Again, make sure that you didn't just feed the baby! I hold Raine under the armpits and just lift her up, ala Lion King. Best done with sound effects like "up, up, up!" Raine likes this a lot. There are a lot of variations to this, depending on what your baby likes. I guess the important thing is you're working out your arms. Other lifting--like the water-filled bathtub, laundry pail, etc--works too, I suppose.

Seesaw. Another of Raine's favorite games. Sit with your knees drawn up, and place baby tummy (hers) to shin (yours). Lie down (hold on to the baby!) and draw your legs up, knees still bent so the baby is horizontal, lying on your shins. Now you can raise and lower your legs, saying "seesaw, up and down" or "airplane" or whatever you feel like saying. You can also swing your legs side to side. Or for the more daring, stretch your legs up. I feel the pain in my thighs after this, so I guess the glutes are worked out here.

Abs. Rix made me a simple abs routine to turn my jello belly into abs of steel. Well not really. But anything is better than this puffy, flabby gut. First, do 15 crunches. Then do 15 pairs of Scissor Legs--legs straight up in the air, alternately lower each one. Finally do 15 pairs of V Legs--legs up in the air, opened wide, reach for the opposite foot. Then rest, and do two more sets. I let Raine sit on my tummy while doing this. She gets a kick seeing me grunt and all that, I suppose. Plus it's teaching her to count!

Rix said that ideally, I should do this at least three times a week. Let's hope I can keep it up. Goodbye marshmallow belly! Goodbye 18lbs!