Friday, January 19, 2007

The (Mis)Adventures of the Blob

The Hubby and I spent New Year's eve with my dad and his family in Meycauayan. Nothing really spectacular goes on there; it's basically a dinner-and-do-your-own-thing kind of celebration, which is a nice change from the usual frenzy in Baguio or at The Hubby's. I was really looking forward to watching a movie on my dad's kick-ass home theatre system. As I was settling in on the lovely La-Z Boy (The Hubby put the delicious Boy Bawang far from my reach and would intermittently dole out a piece at a time), my dad came in. "Oh," he said, "Is The Blob getting sleepy?"



I have been getting big. I actually waddle when I walk. Really. It's so weird. But not as weird as seeing Raine move inside my tummy. I thought it was some exaggeration, when my mom and other mothers would tell how you could see a foot or a knee move around. But you actually can! It's so creepy. Like Aliens or that scene from Constantine. I'm just waiting for the day I see a face forming on the surface of my tummy, and tiny hands pushing my skin! Creepy, I tell you. But it still makes me laugh to feel her move.

I praise God that we have our birth money all saved up. I just continue to pray that we have a normal birth, with no complications. That's my faith goal this year, that and that I be able to fully breastfeed Raine (tons of savings! not to mention so much healthier). The Hubby and I actually are believing God for a lot this year, and we're excited to see how He answers prayers.

But going back to my weight, and chances for normal delivery, my doctor said (and everyone says) I have to slow down my weight gain. Imagine, I packed on 30 pounds in seven months--the average weight I should gain for the entire pregnancy! But it's such a joy to eat. Sniff. And the seester sent tons of chocolates. For some strange reason, I've suddenly developed a sweet tooth. It doesn't help she sent lots of mint chocolate. Oh, joy.

The Hubby and I have also been going to childbirth classes (with Rome Kanapi, who The Hubby calls Sally Fields). And one of the constant topics is, of course, weight gain. My anorexic classmates, who look mostly younger than me, gained an average of about 12 pounds. The most was 20. When I told them (yes, you have to share your poundage with the entire class!), I gained 3-0, at least Rome said, "Wow, you must have been skinny before you got pregnant!" I felt a little better.

I have to work in more exercise into my schedule. I have been trying to do the pre-natal moves from class, but sometimes I forget and when I remember, I'm on the verge of falling asleep. If only thinking of exercise burns calories and tones muscles! The seester said I need to get frog kicks into my swimming routine, to help with the thunder thighs syndrome. I didn't have the guts to tell her that I need to get swimming into my routine! I have about 10 weeks left, so I need to get serious exercise into my life. Argh. Inertia is the most dangerous thing.

The Hubby and I also have to discuss how we really want to fix the house, and how long we intend to stay here. We are praying for our dream house, but problem is, we haven't agreed on where we want our house to be. I don't mind settling down here in Merville for the meantime. After all, your dream house for this period in life isn't necessarily the dream house for the rest of your life. I don't know; we still have to talk about it.

We also have to finalize our career plans. Just last night, The Hubby was computing my income versus my expenses, and he declared that for what I'm earning, my PR gig isn't worth the time and effort. And he said I should ask for a raise, or leave. Then today, with a potential 10-month gig coming up, he recomputed my income with the PR gig and it seems that the PR gig is back inthe picture.

I've long been wanting to give up that PR gig, but I can't seem to let go. It's a love-hate thing. I feel so burnt out (been at it more than six years!), it doesn't pay enough, yet I don't want to abandon my client just like that. I'm praying that we get really good writers to take my place (in preparation for my maternity leave) and that after Raine comes, I can eventually segue out of there. But I'll miss it for sure. Then again, maybe not. I'm confused.

And I'm getting sleepy. So yes dad, The Blob is getting sleepy.

Enough for today.