Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mommy Milkshake

I never realized how deeply I'd feel about breastfeeding until I had Raine. From encouraging others to actually donating breastmilk, I'm trying to do my share to get other women and babies into breastfeeding.

Which is also why I'm joining the Mommy Milkshake Marathon at The Fort this Saturday, August 4, 7:30AM. It's a 2km fun run/walk/hop for breastfeeding awareness. The fact that my seester gave me new shoes for my birthday is entirely coincidental.

Joining is free. Plus you get a free shirt too. Daddies, kids and people with no kids can join too. Just call 780 9898 to preregister.

Hope to see familiar faces over there!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Supercow Unmasked

Supercow is tired.

She goes to bed as early as she can, but when she wakes up the next day, she's still tired. She slugs through her morning chores--fill the water tank, cook breakfast, take out the trash, feed the pets, pump milk--and by the time Superbaby and Superdaddy are up, she's ready to go back to bed.

But she can't. She has to feed Superbaby and make sure that Superdaddy gets to the office at a reasonable time. Then it's time to bathe Superbaby and maybe another feed and a nap. Then it's time to clean up after breakfast and fix up after bath. And if she hasn't bathed yet, now's the time for a quick shower. Really quick. Gone are the days of two-hour baths with body scrub and all that. Then it's time to boot up and start working.

But these days, Superbaby doesn't nap for 3-hour stretches like she used to. Sometimes she's awake in 30 minutes. So Supercow has a hard time concentrating. I have to be more efficient, thinks Supercow. I have to be more disciplined and learn how to use my time wisely. She marvels at all those mothers without helpers, who manage to work and take care of the baby and the house and still look good.

Nap while Superbaby naps, Supercow, people say. But she can't. She tries to, but her mind is busy churning, churning, churning. Listing all the things that can be done in the time she spends tossing and turning on the bed. When she finally starts drifting off to sleep, Superbaby wakes up and it's another cycle. And it's also time to think about dinner. And breakfast for the next day. And Superbaby's evening bath. And the articles sitting in the Inbox, still unedited. And deadlines looming. And budgets and a million other little things.

Supercow is frustrated. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Other mothers can do it. Why can't I? She has time. Superbaby is a good little baby, pretty low-maintenance, Supercow has to admit. She has help--SuperAlingLourdes comes in three times a week and helps a lot with the chores and the breakfast and the washing up. What she doesn't have is the energy. And the drive. She just wants to curl up and read and sleep and not think about anything.

She feels bad because by the time Superdaddy comes home, she's too tired and grumpy to properly talk to him. She doesn't even get to cook a proper dinner most days, and she doesn't send him off with a packed lunch.

Supercow is scared. What if she can't shake off this lethargy? What if, even if she gets her energy back, she still can't get chores done, meals on the table, house fixed up, engaging conversation and then some with Superdaddy out, or inspire Superbaby? What if, the truth is that Supercow is just a whiny lazy bum?

What if she isn't super after all?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Raine Has a Friend--And She Isn't Imaginary!

Last week, as Raine and I went to Marbella Cafe by the park to get a salad for dinner. When we arrived, Bobbie, the owner was there and she was utterly charmed by Raine (this is MY version), who of course was in her usual sociable, aren't-I-cute mood.

Apparently, Bobbie's daughter just had a baby too--a little girl a month younger than Raine. Bobbie wanted Raine and Monica, her granddaughter, to meet, but when she called the house, Monica was asleep, so she couldn't be brought over (their house was near the cafe). But I suppose Bobbie was thrilled at the idea of Monica and Raine meeting, so she invited us over for just a few minutes. And she had my order delivered to her house instead.

So off we went to Bobbie's house, just in time for Monica to wake up. Cat, Bobbie's daughter, who was reviewing for the medical boards, so kindly accommodated our barging in. We lay Monica and Raine side by side on the bed. Monica was still sleepy and hungry, but Raine was obviously delighted at something her size. It was funny--flailing hands with no idea I suppose of what they were holding or touching. And in a gesture of friendship, Raine ate Monica's hand.

"Oh, I can see them inviting each other to their birthday parties!" cooed Bobbie. And I'm thinking Raine's thinking, "what's a birthday?".

But Cat and I did make some vague plans to meet again. I do hope Raine and Monica become playmates, if not friends. It's lovely being able to meet other moms with babies Raine's age. And it's nice that Raine can have 'built in' friends in this village.

Here are a couple of pictures of Raine's first play date (Raine's the cutie on the right)!