Wednesday, June 06, 2007

While I Was Sleeping

The Hubby and I have never been a "romantic" couple, in the flowers-and-chocolates sense. The Hubby is more the practical type who would buy me an optical mouse rather than a bouquet of flowers. Most of the time I am delighted with his gifts, though I wouldn't mind the sweet, romantic gestures every now and then. Then I realized that The Hubby does do those sweet, romantic things. Only, he does them while I am sleeping:

  • Last night, he operated on my dearly departed laptop to retrieve my hard disk, and he transferred all my files to another hard disk. And he did this even if he had other projects to finish, which keep him up till 4AM.
  • The other night, I forgot to put on my bandage, and I semi woke up to him carefully wrapping the bandage around my hand.
  • When I was a very pregnant, very hot momma (literally), he'd have all the fans pointing at the bed, full force, then he'd go to sleep beside me, wrapped in a fluffy blanket.
  • When Raine cries (and he's still awake), he changes her diaper, soothes her, and wakes me up only if she needs to feed.
  • When I fall asleep in bed, reading, he puts away my book and takes off my glasses--and puts it somewhere I can easily grope for it.


Yesterday, 5 June, was the third year anniversary of the day The Hubby proposed marriage inside the car in the middle of a muddy parking lot at Sonya's Garden, with an apathetic carabao as witness. I'm glad I said yes.


Maryanne Moll said...

Sure beats any predictable love story. :) Glad to see there is one less bad man on this planet. Teehee.

Toni said...

Awww that was so sweet and thoughtful. Count your blessings. :D Happy Father's Day to that sweet man!

JMC said...

My husband would rather buy a computer mouse, too. And he regularly stays up until 4am tinkering on computers. :)

sharon said...

i think running across your blog is really a blessing. Been reading your posts and oh my! it hits home. I gave birth to our 3rd baby this july and boy, am not even sure if i'm having the 'blues' - or whatever this is. Reading your entry about hubby and how he's been sweet made me rethink. Kainis man minsan kasi they don't really know what we go through, I ought to be thankful for the blessings. Just like you I have realized how distant I've become lately with God and not praying as much...I need to do some rethinking myself. Maybe being a new mom (again) is too much. Maybe some would think that it's my 3rd one, I should be used to the whole pregnancy and after pregnancy thingy...but alas! every experience is different. Hindi ka pa rin masasanay. Pasensya na kung parang walang direction ang comment ko, I blame postpartum with that! hahaha.

Anna Marie Estimada said...

this is the first time i read your blog, rhee. Gil and Cris are very much like. thanks for sharing this post :)