Wednesday, June 06, 2007

God Bless This Cow

Yesterday, I donated 25oz of breastmilk to a total stranger. Her baby boy has been in the NICU the past two weeks, and breastmilk is all his poor little tummy can tolerate. His mommy has run out of milk, which is not surprising, considering all the stress that she's under. That little boy needs a continuous supply, about 20-24oz a day.

As I gave away Raine's entire stash, I was overwhelmed by how blessed I am. I have a beautiful, healthy baby. I have an overabundance of breastmilk, enough for my baby, and enough to bless others with. I have a great breastpump, which allows me to harvest quickly and painlessly. I have a supportive husband, who encourages me to pump, and was all for donating the milk.

I also realized how distant from God I've been. I haven't read my bible since I gave birth. I haven't attended cell, and I haven't gone to service. My prayers are more of "Lord, please let Raine stop crying," or "Lord, please, one more hour of sleep!" Yet through my inattention, God continues to be there for me, and even if I tend to be an ungrateful wretch, he still continues to bless me.

Isn't it amazing? Thank you, Lord.


For those who also want to donate breastmilk, let me know, so I can hook you up. Milk banks are out of milk, so as Weng said, every ounce counts. I'm really grateful to be able to give milk--I am now a Supercow with a purpose.


sardonicnell said...

that was very kind of you to share (breast milk). Im sure that God will bless you abundantly!

Toni said...

That was such a beautiful thing to share. You have a good heart. :)