Friday, June 29, 2007


Inspired by Stef's post on how she spotted God while killing time in the airport, waiting to see if she could get a seat to the US, I decided to come up with my own list of places, people and things that I've spotted God in this week.

  • In that gorgeous baby as she lies in my arms, one hand on my breast, as if keeping it in place; one foot resting on my arm, tiny toes kneading my flesh; making contented sighs and grunts as she makes like a vacuum and feeds.
  • In the text messages from generous mommies who answered my call for donations for a sick little baby who can only take breastmilk.
  • Inside the refrigerator, where the Dole Mandarin Orange Fruit Cups are chilling--pasalubong from The Hubby who is learning my love language.
  • In the text messages from my mom, who continually encourages me and thinks I'm getting better at this mommy thing, even when I make Raine throw up like the Exorcist while playing seesaw.
  • Outside, in the garage where the Boo and Chloe, the dogs, delightedly sleep in the shade of huge plants The Hubby bought, thinking that they have their own private jungle.
  • In the kitchen, where the ever trustworthy Aling Lourdes is cooking spicy eggplants (only had to teach her once), giving me time to do other things like blog (and supposedly work).
  • In my Sent folder, where proof that I have finished and sent off edited articles and recommended lineup for the next three issues of my magazine lies.
  • And in me--a little more grace, a tiny bit more patience, a little less stress, a lot less worries. And a lot less weight :)

So where have you spotted God this week?

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