Friday, December 30, 2005

Pasta Queen!

Yesterday, I made pasta from scratch.

Yup. Made my own noodles--mixed the flour and eggs. Kneaded the dough with my own hands (good workout!). Rolled out and cut the noodles. Cooked the noodles. Made pasta sauce from scratch. And it was GOOD.

Store bought pasta does not give you this satisfaction. It's amazing--almost the way I feel every time I finish making a batch of soap. Don't you just love the way you can see all these ingredients come together to form something else? Amazing.

Of course the pasta wasn't quite perfect. And it took me two hours to come up with enough noodles good enough for five people. And the sauce took me another 30 minutes (I cheated--I used canned tomatoes and fresh tomatoes). But the results were superb, if I must say so myself (although I cooked rice, in case of disaster).

I am doing the dance of joy. I am twisting in weird ways to give myself a pat on the back. I am beside myself in delight. I feel so gifted!

Now why did they have to make cleaning the pasta machine so difficult?


mia said...

Why did they make cleaning the pasta machine so difficult? Because if you went through all the trouble of making pasta for two hours...what's another hour to clean it?!? Heehee.

Here, let me save you some time and give you a pat on the back...

randee said...

wowee! that is amazing, and what an accomplishment for the year. =) next time, please invite me over to taste your home-made pasta. ;-)

dionne said...

patikim ako =)