Monday, September 19, 2005

Rediscovering the Muse

I've been trying to get back into the writing groove. So I dug up all my old work--a couple of short stories, some kiddie stories and a poem--and posted them here, on my online writer's portfolio at Do try to take a look--and give me a rating or review if you're up to it. This is the first time I'm actively plugging my writing--and exposing my soul!--so be gentle please.

The only problem with the online portfolio is that for free memberships for chennyboppers like me, you can only post a maximum of 5 pieces. Which means whenever I have something new, I have to delete something. The paid membership starts at about $10 for three months. That allows me to post up to 25 pieces. Hmm. Is it worth it? Theoretically, posting your work there is supposed to get you helpful feedback to help you improve your writing, but does it really work? Will it really help my writing? Or is it just the satisfaction of getting read, and maybe getting an occasional ego-stroking (or bashing!)?

But 5 pieces severely limits me. Then again, have to really see if I can produce more than what I already have. Must really find time and discipline to write again.

I'm excited.

And scared.


trapped said...

Mattie's Kitten is good, I've read it a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't give a rating though because I was too lazy to signup. I'd have given it 5 stars :). Almost Thirty, we've seen before and couldn't help but nod in silent affirmation. I'm not into the other mushy stuff, but that's more of my problem than yours hehe.

Perhaps you can post them here? That way you don't have to delete stuff to make room for others?

johnnydu said...

I love the Lemonade story with it's twists and turns at the end. I like the way things turned out. When a story leaves me asking questions afterwards what may have happened next, it means it's something really well enjoyed by me. Haven't read the other stuff yet but I will after work :) keep them coming! :)

Redjeulle said...

why not just create a separate blog as a writing portfolio? i haven't seen the site though and i don't know the advantages, blogs can be edited to death and make it look like your own portfolio site. take advantage of your husband, hehehe...