Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mommy Milkshake

I never realized how deeply I'd feel about breastfeeding until I had Raine. From encouraging others to actually donating breastmilk, I'm trying to do my share to get other women and babies into breastfeeding.

Which is also why I'm joining the Mommy Milkshake Marathon at The Fort this Saturday, August 4, 7:30AM. It's a 2km fun run/walk/hop for breastfeeding awareness. The fact that my seester gave me new shoes for my birthday is entirely coincidental.

Joining is free. Plus you get a free shirt too. Daddies, kids and people with no kids can join too. Just call 780 9898 to preregister.

Hope to see familiar faces over there!

1 comment:

dionne said...

hey! mommy ka na pala, congrats!:-)