Friday, November 11, 2005


This is for Ruby--and anyone else interested.

Yes, this Christmas, we will be making soaps and stuff. Terracotta Dreams will be in operation for a limited period only. We are also limiting our products to the popular ones: Honey Oatmeal, Rix Trix and Peppermint Jean soaps. As with last year, we can package them beautifully--perfect gifts for everyone.

I love making these soaps; I love coming up with the recipes and experimenting with ingredients. I don't scrimp on the ingredients. I wholeheartedly use everything I make (as I said before, we haven't bought soap for the past two years!). When we make soap, you can smell the wonderful fragrances from the street.

I love the way you start with oil and lye, and then mixing them together, you get something so totally different. It's like making magic.

Anyone want some magic?


Redjeulle said...

Ree, email me naman your stuff and prices please.

Kikay said...

Hi Ree, the name Terracotta Dreams just rang a bell to me... I think we've met already. We had your products as give-aways for the Valentine event of Holiday Inn Galleria Manila...

I bought 2 sets of your soaps and lotions arranged beautifully in a small wooden bowl. My best friend loves the oatmeal soap... I do too...smells so good I almost ate it!

I am Queen said...

also please say exact dates of this limited time, and how we can purchase.