Saturday, November 05, 2005

Plump...Like a Chicken

The Hubby and I have this thing we like to do. We like to lie in bed. Really. We loll around our bed and tell each other things like, "We aren't really fat" and "We still look OK" and " thighs seem to have lost cellulite". Talk about honesty in marriage!

But seriously. I have come to the painful realization that I am no longer fit. I am plump. Like a chicken. I am round in the wrong places (the belly area is always the wrong place to be round, unless you're pregnant, which I am not).

Yesterday, The Hubby's family had a swimming thing in Makiling, and preparing to go there, I couldn't find a single thing to wear. I looked fat in everything. Then it dawned on me that there was nothing wrong with the mirror, or the way the light hit it. And that my denim shorts weren't just newly-washed-tight. They were just plain tight. And I really look dumpy. Woe is me.

I have to face it. I NEED to exercise. The thing is, I'd rather sleep and eat and read and work and wash the dishes and do a million other things before I exercise. Bad.

I should get back into kickboxing and swimming. It's a decision that I have to stick to. Especially since The Hubby and I are finally going on our long-overdue honeymoon in Boracay at the end of this month. Which means that I have 16 days to get myself into bikini shape.



MrsPartyGirl said...

if its any consolation, youre not alone :D that i'm as plump as a chicken is putting it mildly. i'm hiding out na nga this thanksgiving because i might suddenly find myself stuffed, carved, and served with gravy. i think it's the number of chins that i have that'll eventually give me away.

anyway, good luck with your exercise. i hope you'll find the perfect motivation soon :)

mai said...

Ugh tell me about it ree :( I am in the same boat. I've actually signed up for gym but have yet to muster the guts to look at my stretchpant clad ass in the mirror. :P

Good luck to us :D

Redjeulle said...

rheea, do you still make those soaps and things? text me your landline naman. thanks ha...

and oh, about that plump thing, did you ever find a kickboxing class?

Gil said...

I like chicken... -- The Hubby

I am Queen said...

take advantage of your sister while she's in the country!!! your goals are possible with the right motivation, tools and support!!! remember our puerto galera days? luscious ladies' lenten luau??? no more na ba?

randee said...

bora bora, here we come!! =D that's my cheer&chant to encourage you. =)