Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some Weird Advice

Yesterday, as I was waiting for my train, I started reading those TV-type ads at the station. The flat screen monitor ones with soundless MTVs, supposed ETA of the next train, and of course the ads.

These TVs also had scrolling tips, to give more value to the bored commuters, I suppose. Yesterday's set of tips was for better hair. And this is Tip#2:

When going shopping or running errands, take some time to stand outside nearby salons.

Um. OK. That makes perfect sense. Will try that some time soon.


Toni said...

*LOL* That doesn't make sense at all!

Rhea said...

Hi Rheeya,

Thanks for the greeting. I'm not sure yet if Raine really grasps the idea about the coming baby although she knows it's inside mommy's tummy.

Good luck on your plans for baby#2!

Take care.