Thursday, December 20, 2007

All I Want for Christmas

The Hubby and I have extremely low EQs. Over the past two weeks, we've been giving each other our unwrapped Christmas presents. Mainly because we can't wait to see the other's reaction to the gift. Now we have nothing left to open on Christmas day. Oh dear. I hope Raine's EQ soars way above ours.

So far, The Hubby's given me one of those memory foam pillows (because I always complain about neck pain when I wake up); an oven thermometer (because I always harp on about how am I supposed to know when the oven has reached its required temperature); a meat thermometer (because I once overcooked pot roast, and the other time I undercooked it); The Best Philippine Short Stories of the Twentieth Century (because I kept getting it and putting it back on the shelf at the bookstore); and The Poetry of Pablo Neruda (because The Hubby is a romantic, I've always wanted to try reading more poetry, and we both loved the poetry reading off Il Postino).

Me, I've given The Hubby Exceptional Breads (because he wants to move beyond bread machine bread), underwear, shirts and a dressier office jacket. These aren't my real gifts though, since they're stuff he really needs. I'm still waiting for something before I can get him the gift I've been planning to give. In case that doesn't push through, I still have Plan B. Now if only I can find it...

The Hubby has also been reminding me to list down all the stuff that we sort of need or want to get. So here's my list:

  1. Vacuum cleaner - a wet & dry one, with the reversible blowing/sucking function. The heavy duty one, since we need to vacuum often (our bedroom is carpeted).
  2. Mattress - we inherited a lovely antique narra bed, which came with a sort of antique mattress. The Hubby is attached to the mattress though; I think he grew up on it.
  3. New sound system - I'd be very happy just to get our current one's CD player fixed. Then I can play all the CDs of Raine. And I can teach her about the classics. Like U2 and EBTG and Sting and Tchaikovsky.
  4. DVD player - ours has been around even before we got married. It has gotten very picky in its old age, and we sometimes have to settle for watching movies on the laptop because the ornery old DVD player won't play.

Hmm. Wow. That's all I can think of at the moment. Isn't wonderful? We have everything we need! We really have to thank God for that. He's been such a faithful (and generous!) provider. And as we celebrate Rainey's first Christmas, I pray that we get the message across to her. That it isn't about the giving of gifts, but about the God who loved us so much that he gave us the greatest gift ever--the life of his son for ours.

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