Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our First Family Portrait...and Then Some

This is one of those indulge-the-pregnant-wife moments with The Hubby (actually, more than a moment--half the day!). So thank you, Hubby.

I have a confession--I've always wanted to be a model. Really. But my attributes are not exactly what the modeling industry is looking for, so tough luck. But now I figured, why not make the most of the big belly? After all, this is the ONLY time that having a big belly will look good. I'm so glad maternity portraits are getting popular.

So thanks to my good friends Mich Lim, who made my bulbous red nose decent and transformed my dead straight hair into something pleasing to look at; and to Harvey Tapan whose lighting and composition actually made me look good on cam. These were shot at Harvey's Fuji Film studio at Mall of Asia.

Oh, and this is the debut of two pieces from our new Hot Momma Couture alpha collection--a maternity clothes line that my friends and I are working on: the white sleeveless V-neck top I was wearing and (don't laugh!) the white tee that The Hubby wore (you have to admit, it did look good on him, if you don't see the side stitching). These are still prototypes, but we hope to have them out soon. Hot Momma Couture's mission is to make maternity clothes that are comfy and will make you look and feel good. Wear your tummy proud!

Finally, I just want to say another thank you to Mich--she really made me look good. The Hubby hasn't seen me pretty in a long time. And another thank you to Harvey, who patiently coaxed us as we stood there under the klieg lights, like deer frozen before headlights. I learned that it ain't easy being a model!

More photos here.


abby said...

ooh, hot momma nga!

hope your pregnancy's going well. :)

MrsPartyGirl said...

ree, you're so preetty :D despite what you think you feel, i think you look fabulously glowing!

Jody said...

Hi Rhea! You look good in the pictures. I particularly like the hair, it's so stylish! Congrats for the new venture...hot momma! Sayang, it wasn't in pa when I recently got pregnant...Is that an excuse to get pregnant again?! Oh geez, pahinga muna ako!

Jody said...

sorry mispelled your name...supposed to be rheea.

joey said...

Hi there! You look fabulous! You are doing this country a great service by making cool maternity clothes :)

Thanks for visiting 80 Breakfasts! I am pasting here my reply to your questions on culantro:
Hi Ree! I love cilantro too...culantro is similar in taste (to cilantro) but stronger. I got it when I went to Charley's Farm Dining and Organic Produce in Lipa. She has an amazing herb garden. She says that she will outsource her produce to Herbana Farms in the Salcedo Market so I'm keeping my eye out for that :) So far I have gotten recipes using culantro (Vietnamese and Trinidadian) but I would definitely try to use it as I do cilantro (the experimenting is the fun part!)...Next time I want to try it in a salmon sinigang...

Maryanne Moll said...

Those are fabulous photos! (I do not see the bulbous red nose, though.) Thanks for joining my little blog game. Till next time.

I'm linking you up. :)

janet said...

You look amazing, dear Rhee! Happy, happy for you.