Friday, February 03, 2006


The other week, as I was about to get into an FX bound for Makati, the barker (the guy who skillfully makes passengers into sardines inside every FX and van) said to me, "Misis, dyan na lang kayo sa harap."

Just as I was about to take umbrage and shoot him a laser beam look, it hit me. I AM a 'misis'.



mai said...

Hi Rheea :D

Buti nga he called you misis. I got called "ale" :( I was so upset after I brooded about it for quite a while haha

Earthbound Angel said...

hahahahaha! :D

janet said...

*Sigh* There is something with being called "misis," no? I wonder what it is. Like we're palengke spouses or something, maybe? =p

sherie said...



ahahahhahaahaha :D