Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sharing a Vision

The second topic of that Leadership Fundamentals series that we're going to is on Vision. After all, how can you lead anyone if you can't see where you're going? You either end up going nowhere, or you lead people in the wrong direction.

Which gets me thinking...where exactly am I going? What plans do I have in my life? I'm alarmed. I realize that beyond vague "yeah, that would be nice" thoughts, I have no clear picture of where I am headed. Even more alarming is that The Hubby and I haven't discussed our vision for ourselves. Nothing concrete (I think they should make this part of Engagement Seminars, one session devoted to coming up with a vision for your new life together). And of course, being married, my personal vision should dovetail with The Hubby's, right?

It's scary. Because if we don't have a vision for our lives, how can we have even greater visions for anyone or anything else? Like the business support company that we're putting up. Or the numerous employees working with us (two so far). Or the causes that we want to help. Or even the country, the world.

Maybe that's why people are so lost. Why we keep running around, burning ourselves out. We use up time, energy and resources on things that, in the long run, aren't going to get us anywhere. Because we have no clear picture of where we're going.

I guess vision is tied in to your purpose, what you were made for. Me, I'm a storyteller. I love being surrounded by words. I live with words. So I know my purpose revolves around the written word. But how exactly? That's what I am struggling to find out.

A good writer that I know shared this verse, and I find it encouraging: "Write down for the the coming generationwhat the LORD has done, so that people not yet born will praise Him." (Psalm 102:18). That's what I want to do; share the awesome greatness of God through my writing. Which can be hard, when you write copy and press releases and manuals all day. But I try.

Though my vision for my life is still hazy, I do have a vision for sharing my love of words. I want to put up a community reading center.

My reading room has lots of comfy chairs, cozy nooks., beanbags, large pillows. Large glass windows allow sunlight to flood in. Green living plants (obviously, someone else will be in charge of the plants) thrive between the rows and rows of books. The entire place smells fresh all the time, like lemon or lavender. The people who work or volunteer in the reading room know and can knowledgeably discuss each and every book. And they are friendly.

Every week, we have a featured book. On weekends, we have activities related to that particular book. For example, if it's a book on herb gardening, we can have a hands-on demo on how to cook with herbs. If it's a book on Monet, we can have a painting workshop.

Once a month, we have an outreach program (perhaps more often, as we really get into it). For one session we can feature soapmaking and candle making for the women at the women's centers, so they can learn how to earn money for themselves. Next session can be a learn-to-read-better day for the streetchildren. Or an arts-and-crafts lesson for the kids from an orphanage.

I want to encourage families to hang out in the reading room. We have a comfortable area where dads can relax and read the paper, a small cafe where moms can get a cup of coffee and catch up with one another. Outside the reading room we have enough garden area for running around and building things, and there's a greenhouse and a crafting cottage.

I want the reading room to be a place where people can hang out, where they choose to hang out. I want them to like being surrounded by books. I feel that people these days, kids especially, have lost that sense of wonder, that excitement, that thrill you get when you turn the pages of a well-written book. In my reading room, I want to bring that back. I want to encourage people to slow down and read more; slow down and enjoy the simpler things. I want to encourage them to just be still, even for a moment.

And that's my vision for my reading room. Now it's just a matter of taking the steps to build it. Anyone else share the vision?


JDB San Diego said...


I mentioned one of your previous posts in my most recent post but I can't find that previous post of yours. Can I be any more confusing? Oh well. Good luck on your reading room... I would like to help by donating a specific magazine collection to your reading room. It's the kind of magazine collection where the pictures are more interesting than the articles and if there are any interesting articles in them, these appeal to only a few people. Do you want these magazines? Let me know.


PS. They're National Geographic... what magazines where you thinking of?

johnnydu said...

Hi rheea! I absolutely think highly of your idea. Having been a person who credits much of his learning from reading, I find your vision somewhat jiving part of my purpose. You basically covered so much with your vision that it'd be good to contribute to make that vision tangible. I hope that I had talents to make those demos happen but I'm not ready for that yet. I could be a volunteer reader :p

Another suggestion: you could have a writers'/bloggers' hour - anyone in who writes/blogs all write entries in each other's company. I don't see much farther about the idea but this is a start :)

JDB San Diego said...


I just read your comment on my blog and Raissa also shared her brief chat session with you earlier. Yes Paradise Lost! That's the one! Isn't it strange how we write for others in order to make a living? My background is creative design (visual communication) and I dabble in writing every now and then but a growing part of my day job is copywriting sooooo... There's only so many ways that you can write about something with enough enthusiasm to entice the reader into action before you blow a mental fuse. Oh well.

I was kidding about the magazines being National Geographic... They're actually, uh, uh, should I be saying this? Is your blog rated M for Mature? No? Then I probably shouldn't be naming these magazines in public.

undiscussablerealms said...

i love your vision. and i think it can be done. it just takes careful planning, good location, and time.

maybe that can be a yearly summer thing?

BIGGY said...

helo ree... i came across your site as i was researching for my project... a reading center too
! =D
i've always believed reading can open doors to anywhere... do update us on this project of urs. it is so refreshing to know that there are a lot of passionate readers out there like you.

Paolo Reyes said...

I'm in. I'll take care of the plants, plus I'll serve coffee from my own organic coffee farm. Game? :-)