Friday, May 20, 2005

Solar Powered

I love the kitchen/dining room in the morning. The sun shines in through the narrow strip of floor-to-ceiling window and lights up the room. It soothes my Ilocano (by virtue of proximity)soul to know that I don't have to give Meralco more money by turning on the light.

The dogs join me as I water the garden at about 6:30 or 7AM. Chloe loves being a sun-warmed doggie, though Houdi prefers to stay in the shade. But by the time The Hubby leaves at about 11AM, they both refuse to venture out beyond the shade of the garage.

If I take a bath at about 8:30AM, the sun filters in through the bathroom window, forming rainbows on my shower water.

The sun blazes through the living room at about 10AM to noon, scorching up the front garden as well. But I imagine in the cooler months, the pseudo chaise lounge by the pseudo bay window would be the perfect spot to, well, lounge around on. With a good book, and--depending on the season--a cold glass of lemon water or a hot cup of tea.

The sun swings over to the service area at the back at about 2PM, making it the perfect time to hang freshly-laundered clothes. I love the smell of sun-dried clothes.

By 4PM, the sun has wandered over to someone else's house. At 6:30PM, it's gone completely.

I love the sun. I love this house.

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